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With peace assessment


History of the Zagat Survey

There is a popular expression of the "American dream", given to us by the same American writer Theodore Dreiser, and although by the creator of it was originally used in an ironic sense, today this phrase refers to a quite serious ambition ambitious people to break "the top", starting from the bottom, thanks only own efforts. And sometimes these dreams end real successes. So what happened to the couple Tim and Nina Zagat, who created the most popular today in America culinary guide.

But even 12 years ago they did not think they could be among the lawmakers restaurant opinions, inventing your rating solely for friends and acquaintances. But now the guide to restaurants and cafes В«Zagat SurveyВ» (В«Zagat Survey") - a good support for each of the gourmet, decided to visit one of the eating establishments in the United States, Asia or Europe.

History of the guide began unusual. First, spouses Zagato had no relationship to the world of cooking - both graduated from Yale in the profile jurisprudence. Secondly, Nina and Tim had a pretty original hobby - they collected from their friends they visited reviews for restaurants and cafes. In the end, this data accumulated so much that lawyers enthusiasts decided: this is nothing good to disappear just like that, let benefits people. And in 1979, all voluntary "donations" in the treasury opinions about culinary schools while only one of New York were collected under one cover, Adverbs big name В«Zagat NYC Restaurant SurveyВ» (В«Catering columnist in New York City by Zagat") and released in light.

"The amazing thing is that even when we sold 40 thousand books a year, we still difficult to find a publisher," - says 58 -year-old memories Nina Zagat. However, this did not stop a couple of enthusiasts in their endeavors. Spouses began printing Guide samizdat, then immersed in his van circulation and transported to a nearby bookstore. This escapade lasted almost six years, but has brought fantastic benefits: permanent and formed a fairly wide range of people, willing to acquire the latest issue of the directory and give it a positive recommendation. However, the main surprise was yet to come: in the magazine New York Magazine there was a small article about them. And it's incredibly surprised and delighted themselves Zagat as later told Tim Zagat, sales guide immediately increased almost twice.

Thus, the success of the directory became deafening. And it most likely was not only unique ideas in the publication, which is a collection of opinions of ordinary Americans, and not professional culinary critics and that it embodied the spirit of democracy, which is one of the symbols of the United States. After the restaurant to give their assessment could absolutely anyone who has visited it, regardless of skill in the art. And trust to guide this approach to gathering information became much more, because such "international experts" can not be bribed or deceive, they wrote only about his personal opinion, not claiming to be his all-encompassing, and giving the opportunity to be heard by everyone. However, sometimes the staff handbook and acted quite "scientific" methods, for example, gave the visitors a selected restaurant anonymous questionnaire to fill or attracted media for interviews.

Today intelligence network guide is huge - more than a thousand people in the New York and voluntary censors - more than 200,000 worldwide. Small volume of light in expressive wine- red cover annual expenditure circulation of nearly 650,000 copies and contains reviews of gastronomic establishments of upmarket restaurants to cafes and fast foods. It collected information on 45 cities of America, Asia and Europe, and the output of each new issue in the United States is comparable to the hype with the advent in France next Michelin - the oldest authority for European palates. Interestingly, the restaurant review "Zagat Survey" even to the same responsive to changes in public culinary preferences, for example, now the guide notes surge in popularity of national cuisines in New York is first and foremost, Indian, Mexican and Vietnamese.

An appetizer

Preparation and drafting rating

As mentioned above, the "Zagat Survey" - a guide Democrat in which all estimates are compiled by ordinary visitors reviews of restaurants and cafes. And it is also very stable promotes popularity directory, because the number of its writers volunteers grows as well as the number of readers. For example, only for the New York section of the guide reviews establishments preparing nearly 30,000 army of critics, fans, and generally the same in each room establishment was attended by over two hundred thousand people. The total number of articles published more than a gigantic figure of 3 million!

Of course, the directory does not claim to professional objectivity, because all estimates are composed exclusively of personal preference visitor facilities. But this is its main advantage, first, because the majority opinion - true opinion, and secondly, because the reviews are left precisely those for whom actually are restaurants and cafes - the usual visitors, wishing to eat and rest well rather than seeking to dismantle the bones all elite parts art of haute cuisine. To do this, there are completely different editions with different target audiences.

Technology and withdrawal of the rating assessment is very simple: anyone can describe a particular visit to the restaurant, bar or cafe in quality cuisine, interior comfort and convenience of the service, on the basis of personal experience, and then give the institution to assess the 30- point scale. For each declared culinary direction is going, so a certain amount of information, which is then processed by professional editors "Zagat of survey", which displays the result on the basis of their average rating and write a comprehensive comment on existing reviews.

The most accurate of the work on drafting the guide spoke very Nina Zagat: "What we do not like a traditional restaurant criticism, because our guides - is, in fact, democratic vote. Restaurants - favorite people of their lives, and they like to talk about their experiences - good and bad."

Specialty of the house

Form and content of the guide

Reliability - these are the main characteristic of " Zagat Survey", according to authoritative experts. After all, the most incorruptible restaurant critic can mislead, cajole, influence banal flattery. In the case with the majority of this will not work: how can consciously affect reviewed numerous visitors places? Just great food and high level of service, and always the same. Artificially achieve this does not work, only constant good work of all the staff places daily.

However, a major role in the popularity of playing guide and the form of presentation - it is interesting and amusing to read. Reviews here are consistent with the "people's" spirit - it is not advice for professionals, not abstruse abstruse reasoning on the terminological language, namely short - 4-5 lines - succinct and witty comments approving or negative direction, which allow for a short time to form an impression of restaurant or cafe, and just raise the reader sometimes mood. And it is also very important and very popular with people . In addition, there are direct quotes from the original sent to the Editor reviews correspondents volunteers.

Names of restaurants structured alphabetically, but not only . Interior space guide is divided into topics and includes a section 41 whose names also sometimes cause a smile, and allow to choose depending on your mood and desires visitor "romantic dinner TET a TET", "where better to go with children" "where you can not come without a tie"," restaurants with the best decor "," best service "," with the best view of the water, "etc. It also provides a rough average cost of dinner at each institution.

And yet, such a system is capable of searching and confuse : those who first encounters with "Zagat Survey" should be thoroughly acquainted with the list of symbols on the first page, otherwise half of the information held by and will not be accepted.


Ball is ruled pts

Each institution culinary tours of the estimated four criteria set out in Latin letters:

  • - F ( food)
  • - D ( interior )
  • - C ( service )
  • - P ( price ).

The maximum score - 30 points in these restaurants and cafes within the following categories :

- From 0 to 9 - from bad to very tolerant ;
- 10 to 15 - from pleasant to almost good ;
- 16 to 19 - from a good to very good ;
- 20 to 25 - from very good to excellent ;
- 26 to 30 - from outstanding to perfect .
In addition, the results of such monitoring output "ten" best institutions of a city.

For example, the top 10 restaurants in Paris according to the "Zagat of survey" looks like this:

  • - Taillevent
  • - Arpege
  • - Ambroisie
  • - Plaza Athene
  • - Grand Vefour
  • - Pierre Gagnaire
  • - Lucas Carton
  • - Tour d'Argent
  • - Guy Savoy
  • - Carr des Feuillants

Ranking the top restaurants in Los Angeles include:

  • - Matsuhisa
  • - Sushi Nozawa
  • - L `Orangerie
  • - Chinois on Main
  • - Belvedere, The
  • - Patina
  • - Water Grill
  • - Valentino
  • - Spago Bev. Hills
  • - Asanebo
If on-site evaluation to draw a triangle, it means that on the institution received insufficient to determine its category number of reviews.
Price mark is average order value in dollars or the corresponding national currency per person (including one drink and tip).

Accordingly, the following types of institutions:

  • - VE - very expensive,
  • - E - expensive
  • - M - relatively expensive,
  • - I - inexpensive.
And of course, the most interesting part, though for the most part subjective, constitute "live" comments narkorov guide, after reading what is written by real people who have visited the restaurant, it's much more exciting than studying professionally written descriptions, even witty and funny. Get acquainted with them can reasonably make your own rating of places where you want to visit .


Interesting facts and

Of interesting data " Zagat Survey " can mention a few observations derived edition editors , for example:
  • - The average amount of accounts in American restaurant (including alcoholic beverage, tax and gratuity) recently rose to $ 27.38 per person:
  • - The most expensive city in the world for foodies is New York City in 2001 jumped by 6%, the cost of the order in the local restaurants in 2012 reached $57.29 . For New York followed by Las Vegas ($32) , San Francisco ($31), Chicago ($28), Los Angeles ($27) and Dallas ($23). Guide expects a similar amount for the most expensive capitals in the world. So, restaurant meal will cost $41 in Paris, in London - $45, in Tokyo - $61;
  • - Americans eat out an average of 3.4 times per week. In New York, the number of trips to the restaurant is at least 3.7 times per week. Meanwhile, 21% of consumers, by their own admission, began to pay more attention to prices 9% reduced the number of visits to a restaurant, 52% of lunches and dinners ordered in restaurants or bought -out.

    Due to the sad events of 11 September 2002 in America tours were also reported facts indicating lowered activity of ordinary citizens when visiting catering establishments as well as directory noted that many expensive and great restaurants in this regard suffered pretty significant losses. And at the same time, oddly enough, the increased attention at the time enjoyed a small cafe at the periphery, apparently, Americans feel more secure, while at a distance from the center of major cities, and as little as possible to move through the streets, preferring to lunch or dine in the immediate vicinity of the house and work. According to economists and sociologists, the same decline in popularity of expensive institutions observed in the years of economic crisis, that is, apparently, it was a regular consumer response to the financial and political difficulties.

    An interesting and Ratings for fast-food, made Zagat Survey, because the world-famous "McDonald's" takes here is not the first place , at least not in all categories. Evaluated data cafe on such criteria as " the best burgers", "french fries", "salad", " coffee" and others. "McDonald's" the result was the best for the quality of French fries, the most delicious burger is served in the In-N-Out Burger, Starbucks, and boasts the best coffee.

    Developing and keeping pace with the times, Zagat Survey is not limited to today only restaurant rating. With the submission of a 26- year-old son Ted couple Survey launched a new project under this brand, which is engaged in lighting night entertainment venues (bars, nightclubs , etc.). Continuer of the family business has expanded the range of publications, publishing Nightcap Guide Zagat Survey: Los Angeles Nightlife (В« Nightlife Los Angeles "). And that's not all : it is planned invasion into adjacent segments and the restaurant industry, particularly in the area of all kinds of recreation and entertainment (eg, golf Ferris ) .

    To broaden its audience and to keep abreast of trends and technological progress Zagat Survey actively cooperates with the media and internet space settles. At the brand has its own website -, where you can get information related to the institution, read reviews and comments and request information about restaurants in different cities around the world, and even book a table in there online.

    However, it would be foolish not to use the website and for the principal activity - collect feedback visitors culinary establishments, so there is a possibility for voting online. According to the observations editors Publishing Activity increased use of the Internet audience expert amateur 42%, which, undoubtedly, only increases the accuracy of any restaurant rating guide, and the constant flow of information allowed fast and constantly updated information about all institutions represented on the pages of the guide. Visitors wishing to express their opinion, it is imperative to register and complete a questionnaire dedicated to food, interiors and pricing restaurants. Developed by the company for feedback from the audience it gives people the opportunity to understand what it is that they value and what are the criteria.

    Thus, to date guide Zagat Survey is available not only in the traditional paper version , but the online version, as an application on a mobile phone, a television format, as well as the iPhone and BlackBerry, and Honda Motor Company establishes Guide GPS navigator on some models of their cars, and there is already a version of the directory, integrated with electronic maps.

    Turning to native Russian expanses, we can say that Zagat Survey and penetrated here. Back in 2001 we were talking about the inclusion in the review and Russian capitals today in reference hotels in the world under the brand "Zagat" included "Baltschug Kempinski" and "Metropolis" and "Grand Hotel Europe" in St. Petersburg. The site culinary guide are also several Russian restaurants. And, as according to Tim Zagat inclusion of Russia in the handbook pursued not so much commercial benefit as it was dictated by personal preference, because, as he repeatedly mentioned, this businessman and publisher has Russian roots.ZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEYZAGAT SURVEY

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