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New time - "new kitchen"
Culinary Guide Gayot


History of the guide

This culinary reference may well claim the title of "citizen of two countries," as its founder Andre Gayot - Frenchman, name of publication and rating system, but the content is American. It turns out that European origin "Guyot" content is American.

How did it happen? The answer to this question lies in the history of the guide. Its creator Andre Guyot - the famous French restaurant critic. On his conscience already have one reference-guide for foodies В«Gault MillauВ», which he designed and created together with his friends, since 1970. However, later they parted ways, began at odds with the editorial leadership of publication and eventually Andre Gayot launched its own project under his sole name.

However, to do this he had not in his native France because there was already too much competition among restaurant guides (in particular, the increasing popularity enjoyed the Michelin Guide). Therefore, since 1981, the directory "Guyot" began to appear in the United States.

However, there is one more reason for such territorial dislocation, even more personal and philosophical nature. The fact that Andre Guyot and associates initially proclaimed his motto of publishing: "New time - new kitchen!" Setting, so its ideological direction - make the frame of the world of haute cuisine wider attach to the art of more people to help him "be subject" to keep pace with the times, to generate new views and new tastes.

In this respect, the United States, with its still continued to emerge high cooking, the eating culture and eclectic system of public catering establishments was just perfect for the introduction of new ideas. And here, unlike in France, was where to turn restaurant critics as competition from local media hardly sees leading European cooking guides covered the country overview and very sparingly, and Americans love to fast fudam and semi-finished products offer an extensive field of activity to be attached to good food.

To date, the scope of the review of interest "Guyot" included 40 U.S. restaurants, which are measured and lined up near the top of the number of points. Some time ago, the guide accused of excessive overestimation of New York restaurants and a bias to the other, so it later became experts carefully monitor to rating points were distributed evenly between all areas of the U.S., ensuring maximum objectivity.

Keeping up with the times, the guide, of course, could not change. The most significant addition here was a change in the format: "Guyot" began to describe not only restaurants, but also hotels, resorts, tourist attractions and places of interest in the United States. He also got his own website, supervised by his son Andre - Allen Guyot. Here you can find the electronic version of the guide, surveys more than 20,000 U.S. foodservice, customer reviews about them, news, information on a variety of interesting events in the culinary and winemaking, and often are organized contests for readers.

An appetizer

Preparation and drafting rating

Despite the shade "solnosti" guide, who was originally the brainchild of one man, today reviews for its glossy pages are written in a whole group of professional experts. The main goal - to keep pace with the times, quickly grasp the new trends and demand-driven lovers of good cuisine. Therefore, the assessment of the restaurant is usually complex and expressed in numerical terms the food quality, atmospheric, stylish decor and level of service in the institution.

But of paramount importance, of course, the quality of the visitors fed meals or, as the experts themselves: "The most important factor - that is on my plate." Because once it becomes clear how good the meat or fish, which were taken as components, as fresh vegetables, how properly selected spices. Everything is important, even the brand of vegetable oil! Significant is the fact fresh or frozen is in cooking, it's also significantly affects the taste of the products. And of course, the front is the ability of the chef of the proposed ingredients create a culinary masterpiece.

On the level of institutions, according to experts, can say a lot of the quality and variety of sauces in the institution, if the bread is baked right in the restaurant or delivered already prepared which wines are served here as well a list of them combined with the View menu, etc.

Innkeeper site statistics "Guyot" somewhat extended because here evaluate institution and leave your impression of him are all visitors along with the professional critics. This statistic is, of course, an informal nature, but also of great interest, because who better to appreciate the kitchen of a restaurant, but those for whom in fact, all prepared and - his ordinary visitors. On the site you can see the notes, such as "romantic corner", "the best quality-price ratio", "suitable for families with children," etc., giving an even greater understanding of the profile of the institution.

Specialty of the house

Form and content of the guide

The main part of the content of the guide is, of course, the list of institutions in the amount of 40 pieces. In addition to the name of each of them, the name of the owner and chef places, here outlines the main features and the specific focus of the restaurant as a small expert commentary. But most importantly - evaluation, expressed quantitatively on a point system. There are additional markers - different icons assigned to applicants for additional nominations: interior, service and wine.

Reviews from critics are never neutral fresh, conversely, is a concentrated, concise, witty remarks concerning exactly what most struck by an expert. Most often goes to the staff, and it's not necessarily a bad word, just gracefully critic can make fun of the word can neatness and tact waiter, bartender and even seen mention of dirt under the fingernails doorman opened the door for him. So read the guide is not only useful, but also really interesting, and sometimes even funny.
The site additionally contains contact information: phone number and address of the restaurant, the menu or select dishes from it, described a range of wines, cuisine type, whether it is possible in this institution, "a quick bite" or a romantic vacation, etc.


Rating with the student bias

The original rating institutions built on the basis of assigning a number of points from 1 to 20, was the highest - 20. Such a system was borrowed from Andre Guyot system assessments knowledge of French students, and seemed to him quite capacious and comfortable, although, of course, quite different criteria here.

To yield the corresponding number of points, the institution falls into the appropriate class, which is only 5 designated toques:
- 19 to 20 points - an exceptional class, 4 cap
Top rated restaurants, Guyot who believes one of the best in the world.
- 17.18 points - a great class, 3 cap
Places with a slightly lower rating, which, nevertheless, this is certainly worth visiting gourmets.
- 15.16 points - a very good class, 2 cap
Restaurants where you can eat well for those who did not consider himself a professional gourmet, but just appreciate the excellent quality of food
- 13.14 points - just a good class, 1 cap
Places suitable for those who appreciate the optimal combination of a relatively low price and good quality food
- 10,11,12 points - middle class
Places where you can eat in a hurry, but the food quality is still very high
All that is in relation to point lower in class rating not fall, appropriately receive no caps, no mark.
Points and caps marked cuisine and skill of the chef, they do not affect the atmosphere of the restaurant, service, interior.

All this will be indicated by other markers:
- Dollar sign - the average price in the institution for one person, including appetizers, dessert, coffee, tax and gratuity are not included here wine and other drinks. And the prices are themselves not only in dollars but also in pounds and euros, and even in yen, as the guide is designed equally for both locals and tourists and visitors. Legend transmit the following contents:
$ - Less than $ 20
$ $ - $ 35
$ $ $ - $ 50
$ $ $ $ - To $ 75
$ $ $ $ $ - $ 75 and more

- Golden Key - dostoinstvoa notes of a hotel decor, interior, comfort, atmospheric quality of the staff. These signs indicate the following:
5 Keys - "Pure luxury": perfection in all, the best of the best establishments in all respects
4 keys - "Everything you need and a little more": lovely rooms, extensive facilities and excellent service.
3 keys - "Very comfortable, will not complain": quite nice rooms, all the amenities and extras
2 keys - "conveniently": optimum combination of quality and price, nice service, there are additional amenities.
1 entry - "Just": cleanliness, order, and all the basic amenities.


Interesting facts and

For outstanding service to promote art of haute cuisine to the masses Andre Guyot was awarded in 2005 the highest award of France - the Legion of Honour. site has long been an integral part of this guide. We can say that this electronic resource has become a family business family Andre Guyot. Launched in 2002 with a light hand son Alain, he is now controlled by a whole team of webmasters running daughter Sophie. She herself is responsible for the most part with for public relations and is constantly on the road between Paris and Los Angeles, also serves entertainment broadcasts and culinary TV show.

Today, the scope of interests of the site expanded to unimaginable limits: it covers not only restaurants, resorts and hotels, but also gives advice on choosing the best wines, cars, movies. For example, a Web resource is always illuminates the major auto shows, passing in both the U.S. and around the world, trying to keep abreast of the latest trends in this area. Experts site are always witty and honest in their assessments and observations, they are telling their readers it like it is, and this has earned the trust of a large audience of users of the resource.

In addition, here is functioning electronic blog that leads Alain Guyot, and also provides links to his profiles in other social networks: Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

There are also opportunities for fans to talk to the theme forum. You can share your impressions on the culinary occasion, get acquainted with like-minded people to discuss some restaurants and even a date. Where to spend it - is not a problem because the site integrates with the system of reservations in any restaurant Selecting at restaurant you like, you can immediately book a table in it and then spend the perfect romantic evening or a pleasant evening family entertainment.

In addition, using the site, you can generally plan your entire vacation, not getting out of the chair: see the route, learn the schedule of flights of aircraft, book air tickets, choose a hotel and book a place in it.

The site is equipped perfectly clear and easy to navigate, has a nice interface, and filled with the most useful and necessary information for every tourist.

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